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Installation with multimedia and sensors, 2021


The project <Sleepwalk> invites the audience to experience a constructed situation created by two artists, Cao and Jeesoo Hong, and co-produced by SPACE IN TRANSITION in Wuppertal. The project comprises a tiny space and a specifically developed web interface for booking and accessing the room. 

Inside the small 3 m² room, Cao installed a photo and her notebook, and Jeesoo Hong set up the sound installation for one visitor. Once a person books a timeslot of an hour on the website (, this person gets a slide button as a key to access this space. All installations are connected to each sensor, and the work of each sensor depends on the visitor's behaviour. The person would experience the automatic situation and the room itself as a hiding place to wait for something to happen through hidden speakers behind a Photo, inside the door gab, and at the window frame.

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Room installation with a notebook and an earphone
Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-04 um 11.53.40.jpg
Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-04 um 11.59.10.png
The programmed interactions
Room installation with a photo, and a speaker behind the photo
A hidden speaker inside the chinks of the door 
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