Sound Installation, 2020

 A duvet in bed meets our body in intimacy. It touches and embraces the whole body and is also a place where people play, fall asleep, and visit different places in their dreams.


A white duvet is hanging in the shape of a cylinder from the ceiling at an exhibition space. Inside of this duvet, two speakers are hidden. This work is a collaborative artwork from the two artists, Jeesoo Hong and Kihuun Park, suggesting the duvet as a medium in an artistic situation that invites the visitors into an intimate experience to feel its warmth and hear sound from it.


 Visitors can go inside this installation and hear the sound work, a collage of ambient noises, and background sounds from various movies. It brings the visitors to a school, a love motel, a game room, a garden, a movie theater, and a prison inside the cylinder of the duvet. Jeesoo Hong and Kihuun Park selected these urban spaces through movies in different cultures but which have something in common with Heterotopia. 

스크린샷 2020-04-28 20.07.07.png
Inside of the sound installation, Gegenräume