The Pieces of Blueprints, Drawing Installation, 2020

  It is exciting to see the blueprint of a new house when someone is going to move in. Inside these empty spaces, we fill our dreams, new starts, and new fantasies in every corner in these squares.

 Since 2018, Jeesoo Hong has researched architectural plans for student dormitories in Cologne. More than 5000 international students live in Cologne, and including german students, more than 50,000 students are enrolled. Many of them are looking for a cheap dormitory in Cologne. On the  KSTW(Kölner Studierendenwerk) website, people can open the pictures and see the blueprints of all dormitories in Cologne. The total number of Cologne dormitories is only 4900.

  In the last Project 'Model House 2018', Jeesoo Hong drew 89 pieces of partial structure models selected from the dormitories' actual blueprints in Cologne. Through the whole blueprints, it is easy to find the basic and repeating structures in which we live and adjust ourselves.

 The Piece of Blueprints 2020 is a drawing installation that the separated parts, which repeatedly show in blueprints, are drawn on the surface of light bulbs. In front of each light bulb, a sheet of slight paper is hanging in the air. These drawings are installed in the hallway where people pass by in the exhibition place. Every time people pass this hallway, the paper in front of the light bulb moves and waves. When the paper begins to stop, the shadow of the drawing appears slowly through the light of the bulb dancing along with the paper's movement. This drawing installation gives the impression of analog shadow animation due to shallow wind caused by people's movement. A small puzzle-like drawing reveals as if it might be caught and then disappears again.