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Drawing Installation, 2020

 Whenever a room becomes empty, it will be full of new stuff, new life, and new dreams by someone.


  Since 2018, Jeesoo Hong has collected architectural drawings of modern apartment buildings in cities, mostly planned for short-term rentals.

They look like X-rays showing the entire body of those buildings.


 For some people, it is always competitive to get a room of their own, and for others, their rooms suddenly disappear due to unfortunate accidents. This simple and empty square that is being built repeatedly could symbolize what people desire and want to fill inside with daily life.


  ‘The Flowing Ray’ is a light installation that consists of a drawing on a bulb and a slice of light paper hanging in the air. This installation shows flowing images on the paper through sensitive wind, light, and shadow. They interact together as a whole work. When people move or pass by in front of this installation, the small wind from them will make the paper move and wave. And when it stops, a clear image will show up on the paper. According to this paper’s movement, the image will appear clear or abstract and gives the impression of analog shadow animation.

This small puzzle-like drawing reveals as if it might be caught and then disappears again.