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video installation with dog hairs on PVC floor mat, 2019

  Apartment with Dog hair & Footsteps is an installation work with documentation of the life of two Maltese dogs, Kong-A, A-gang, and a woman living together in an apartment on the 15th floor in Seoul. Jeesoo Hong photographed their lives, focusing on how they make their own lives and live together with humans surrounded by artificial circumstances, for example, LED lighting, furniture with wood patterns, and plastic products made by humans. Furthermore, this work shows how they influenced the woman and how they built relationships with her.


  The narration inside this slide show video tells a story of their lives and how they began to live together. Next to this video on the wood pattern PVC mat, the white hairs of them are installed in the form of their apartment floor plan.

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“...They like to play with socks.

When someone comes home, they fight to achieve someone's socks and take them off with their teeth.

 They like to lay down under this dinner table. It reminds me of a forest that they like to hide and watch at the same time.

 This is how they spend most of their time at home.

 Lying on this floor pad and floor paper with the wood grain pattern.

 Drinking water from this plastic bottle, as they learned from childhood.

 Getting light from the lamp on the ceiling.

 And they sleep on this bed making their own taste of bedding space to sleep in.

 They occupy this place, and they own this apartment...”

-From the narration of the video

Apartment with Dog hair & Footsteps, video with narration, 7min.