The Signals to Isolation, field recording and sound installation, 2019
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Rechelkopf mountain in Bavaria

  Water connects everywhere, embracing everything, following each path. It travels from somewhere far away to us.

At many valleys inside the mountain Rechelkopf in Bavaria, there were nine spaces to hear each unique sound of water. The sound changed depending on the grounds and circumstances of the mountain. Each place was marked with an ear drawing on a stone so that the climbers who find these marks can focus on 'Listening' in those places.

Jeeesoo Hong composed the selected sound recordings, which were recorded with a hydrophone inside the mountain, river, and different urban buildings from 2018 until now to follow the great journey of water. 

The water comes to us from a high mountain, flowing mighty streams, passing quiet lakes, running through numerous pipes, and staying inside water tanks at basements. I can hear the signals which come from far away, inside my private space. Then the isolation becomes only an illusion.

Photographed by ©Magdalena Jooss

Sound installation at WELTRAUM in Munich 2019