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On a day in November 2023, in the living room on the second floor of a family's home, a large window reveals a backyard brimming with the essence of the season. Beyond the backyard, the S-Bahn train occasionally passes by like a long ruler stretches. Meanwhile, the round swimming pool in the backyard is now infused with the fallen leaves of autumn, resembling a rich brew of orange leaves and coloring the water with deep hues.


In the spacious living room, to the left of the large window showcasing this outside scenery, there is a staircase leading up to the attic—the top floor of this family's home. In the remaining triangular space under the stairs, various cleaning tools and parcels are now stored. A white curtain hides the storage and acts as a partition, and on one side, facing the living room, hangs a wearable instrument used in the Eine Flur Tour event - the Silent Mop, adding a harmonious touch to the entire scene. Dellbrück 2023.


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Order Request

Specially designed for the Eine Flur Tour, the instruments are to be worn like a backpack. Each of them has a tool pouch connected with a stainless steel scourer, a multifunctional sponge, or a silent mop. There is a loudspeaker in the tool pouch, and the material is shaped to be easily dragged behind. When you wear one of these acoustic companions, a microphone attached to the cleaning tool directs the sound to the back and slightly amplifies it when dragged or bumped into something, except for the silent mop. The sounds are intended to follow you through the rooms like a shadow.

steel scouge with modell clean.jpg

* Stainless steel scourer - instrument

A sharp, shrill tone will be gently amplified through the microphone inside the scourer connected by a flexible hose.

* Silent mop - instrument

The fluffy mop is quiet to almost silent without any technique built inside the item.

* Multifunctional sponge - instrument

A muffled bass will be deeply amplified through the microphone inside the sponge connected by a stick.

* How to use :

The new product will be shipped with the product instructions. Turn on the speaker inside the tool pouch, adjust the strap to fit your body, wear the tool pouch on your back, and then walk around on several floors.


* How to install :

You can place or hang the item in various locations, such as next to your vacuum cleaner or other broomsticks behind the door in your house, by the window, under the stairs, or by the refrigerator.

* Product configuration :

A tool pouch with straps, a speaker inside the tool pouch, a charging cable and an object that will be attracted to the floor.

* Shipment : 

When the order arrives, we will start customising and ship the finished new product.


A different view of the living room with the sound sculptures. Dellbrück 2023.

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