All Images © 2016. HONGJEESOO
Hear Me -Collaborative Intervention, Installaion, 2019

Sound installation in Christus Church Cologne.

 This Sound Installation was inspired by the history and architecture of Christus church. The nave of the church(das Kirchenschiff) was demolished by the order of the Protestant Church in Cologne in February 2014. The church has been reduced in size and to the left and right of the tower, built a five-story wing with mostly rental apartments, plus office space and community rooms.


-Inside the church

 10 white boxes, with a drawn ear on the top, are placed throughout the church. In these boxes, people can hear private sounds, which I recorded and collected from neighbors’ houses around the church. Visitors can see the boxes, take them in the hand, and hold it to the ear. They can also move them and replace them freely. Through this gesture, the sounds become close and intimate for each individual to hear.

-Outside the church

 Outside the church, there is a common public garden. There are 6 speakers installed in this area. The sounds are recorded from private houses. They surround this garden and can be shared in public space, hear and perceive.