Live Riverstream in Rhein, Sound Installation, 2019

 Inside the Rhein river, one hydrophone (a microphone working inside the water) and a speaker hanging by a fishing rod were installed. From the speaker comes out a voice of reading poems, and the microphone catches the sound inside the water. The passengers can hear the sound through a headphone besides the river. The words, which catch the microphone from the speaker inside the water, are flowing through the live stream of the water. All the natural noises inside of the water would also be the elements of this poetry. Through this sound installation, the water becomes like a body having its voice. The sound equipment inside of the water would become out of order and interrupted by the water flow as time goes on.



 This poem is made of many words from mass media, books, famous lyrics, and movie lines. I found the sentences, put them, and edited them to make poetry. When I started to work with these sentences, I assumed that there is a person who is sitting by the river with many thoughts. It could be some thoughts she or he would sing while watching the river. Maybe some memories of the river, memories of others or desires, and hope. This poem becomes the river itself as a physical space that is talking and also flowing.

All Images © 2016. HONGJEESOO