Model House, Drawings and performance, 2018
Beispiel Wohnungsgrundriss von Kölner Studierendenwerk/Examples of flat floor plan from Student Union Cologne, pen on paper, 10.5 x14 cm, 98 Stücke, 2018

 Inside a 6 months-rented-apartment, an exhibition was opened. At this house, I did a fake Interview Performance about how to use this whole house and about everything you should be careful during the stay. This exhibition is arranged with 98 pieces of drawing installation and a video with narration. The drawings show the floor plans of student dormitories in Cologne. These floor plans are provided to all apartment searchers like empty blanks. The video is made of random photos from advertisements for flat offers and the voice narration inside the video is the collected letters, which people sent to the flat owner to get a 'room' of their lives.

Model House, Performance, 1h 30min, 2018
All Images © 2016. HONGJEESOO